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TeleSaas Features

Advanced customer integration in today's digital world is hard. So many pieces have to come together to capture, engage, retain, and monetize customers, and every step along the path is make or break so it better be good. TeleSaas has created and curated a collection of products, technologies and resources specifically designed to optimize the customer integration process.


Enhance your website, web and mobile apps, desktop applications, and online communities with TeleSaas' comprehensive list of tools and resources that make it 'plug-in easy' to maximize customer engagement and remote user integration.

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Extend your customer experience with TeleSaas' fast, secure, and scalable APIs on our HIPPA and CJIS-compliant cloud infrastructure. Replace complex code with single-point calls, add advanced features through remote module integration, and provide real-time dashboards to control and monitor every aspect of your application.

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Enjoy the benefits of TeleSaas' suite of tools, products, and technologies in complete ready-to-run turn-key solutions uniquely tailored to your individual customer's needs. Let us put the power of our telepresence resources to work for you today.

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TeleSaas Products

TeleSaaS makes it easy to focus on the unique aspects of your product and business while leveraging the robust core elements available from TeleSaas. Mix and match, or integrate them all. TeleSass' products are operating system independent, work on virtually all laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, and communicate over secure internet connection or secure private network. All TeleSaaS products are fully HIPPA (Health-care) and CJIS (Legal/Criminal Justice) compliant.


Automate the entire customer signup and configuration process, including account creation, customization, notification, security validation, disclosure signoff, privacy notice acceptance, and more.


Calendars and schedules for all of your digital app's needs. Integrated individual, group, public, and private calendaring and scheduling complete with loads of extras and options.


Integrated appointment management with automated scheduling, notifications, text messages and email, verifications, pre-registration, rescheduling, resource allocation and optimization, and more.

Resource Matching

Automated resource matching combines customer profile data with the best match from available resources, including need, skill requirements, case load, and physical availability.

Workflow Routing

Automated workflow routing dynamically adjusts customer experience based on profile data, need, preference, and availability as well as a variety of other internal and external real-time data points.

Content Generation

TeleSaaS' dynamic content generator renders unique content in real-time specific to in-the-moment customer need, and then alters and enhances customer experience through automated workflow routing.


Interactive automated email and text messaging conversations, notifications, and announcements as well as in-app and portal communications directly integrated with customer and app-extended data.

Video Conferencing

Embed secure Individual and group video conferencing capabilities directly into your digital applications. Make and receive calls from supported devices and mange it all from a centralized console.


Integrated member management includes member profiles, multiple member levels, communications and notifications, dues, events, exclusive content and rewards, membership directory, admin console and more.


Automated subscription management including signup, activation, renewal, cancellation, billing, usage, provisioning, notifications, reporting, administration, and more.

Forms & E-Signing

Digital forms integration, representation, and pixel-perfect replication with data gathering, validation, and reporting coupled with secure digital signing, authentication, notification and verification.


Interactive surveys and questionnaires with dynamic routing and customer-centric content generation. Integration with customer and internal app data with extensive reporting and real-time analysis functionality.

Training & Certifications

Advanced training, courseware, individual class certifications, multi-class certifications, rich-media, online and in-person support, renewals, award presentation, analysis, management portal, and more.


Full digital education platform including courses, classes, instructors, attendance, participation, grading, student/instructor/administrator portals, payments, expenses, virtual, physical, and more.

Billing & Payments

Real-time interactive billing and payment processing with integrated customer profile data, app data, and payment history. Extensive payment options including credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Venmo, and more.


Real-time insight into your entire app and customer experience. Interactive analysis provides extensive access to growth, engagement, retention, renewal, monetization, and so much more.

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TeleSaas Solutions

Turn-key, do-it-yourself, or somewhere in between, TeleSaas provides fuel for your business success and lets you focus on the most important aspects of your digital presence.


One of the more demanding verticals, digital Healthcare solutions not only require extensive advanced functionality, but integrated security, privacy, and HIPPA compliance as well. TeleSaaS makes it easier by providing core building blocks so focus remains on competitive advantage and unique customer experience.

With TeleSaaS Healthcare, patients and practitioners onboard themselves automatically and provide distinguishing account information. Scheduling and Appointment management fill the waiting room and online tele-medicine offerings. Video conferencing extends the physical facility into the digital world while Surveys, Forms & E-Signing maintain compliance and continued enhancement of the overall patient data profile. Billing, Payments, and Analytics complete the picture providing seamless customer integration and enhanced overall experience.

Whether tools, APIs, or full turn-key, TeleSaaS has the resources to make your Healthcare solution succeed.

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Education enhanced with digital learning tools and resources provides a powerful transformation for the world of knowledge transfer. TeleSaas' E-Learning tools makes it easy to integrate learning tech into your application.

With TeleSaaS Education, everything about the learning process benefits from automation and digital technologies. Courses, classes, and instructor management come together with E-Learning, while students browse course catalogs and enroll online through Onboarding. Scheduling and Communications automate the student/instructor interaction, and Video Conferencing brings students and educators together regardless of physical location. Billing and Payments automate the monetization side while advanced portals for students, educators, and administrators provide real-time access to Calendaring, Scheduling, Analytics, and more. Full support of virtual classes is also available.

Whether in class or online, training or teaching, one course or an entire curriculum, TeleSaaS can help you with your Education solution.

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E-commerce has revolutionized the way goods and services are purchased and consumed, but meaningful optimization requires more than just an online presence. TeleSaaS' E-commerce tools help optimize your business, enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, and maximize monetization.

With TeleSaaS E-Commerce, customer Onboarding and data gathering helps better understand customers. Dynamic Routing and unique Content Generation leverage this information to help personalize the customer experience. Communications, Surveys, Forms & E-Signing engage customers and increase satisfaction, retention, and referrals. Membership and Subscriptions provide enhanced engagement and monetization options, while Billing & Payments combine with Analytics and real-time dashboards to complete the picture.

Whether a single product or an entire catalog, online only or extending a physical facility to the web, TeleSaaS E-Commerce can help.

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Legal applications greatly benefit from advanced technology that enhances attorney/plaintiff/defendant and prosecution/law enforcement interaction and outcomes.

With TeleSaas Legal, Onboarding automates case/client configuration, Surveys extract and store critical case information, Scheduling and Calendaring manage meetings and deadlines, while Appointments, Communication, and Video Conferencing automate stakeholder interaction. Forms & E-signing further automate the process while real-time Billing & Payments and Analytics tie it all together.

For law enforcement and prosecution, TeleSaas' resources are fully CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Systems) compliant, and all solutions incorporate advanced security, privacy, and chain-of-evidence style auditing. Furthermore, the TeleSaas Legal team adheres to strict requirements, including FBI background checks, CJIS certification, and code of conduct.

Regardless of your specific need, TeleSaas Legal can help jump start and enhance you legal applications.

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TeleSaas Sales

Need a website? Happy to provide a referral.

Need to fast-track creation or optimization of a complex web/mobile application? We can help.

Need to maximize customer engagement, satisfaction, and monetization? We can help even more.

Need to integrate advanced mobile, web, and desktop functionality into a single customer-centric solution? Sweet spot!

Complex applications are hard, and TeleSaas helps make it easier. Contact our sales team today to discuss your unique requirements. Let us help identify where we can best be of service.

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